top 20 of 2018 by tasos v.

1.the body - i have fought against it but i can't any longer 2.mothers dearest - mothers dearest 3.constant mongrel - living in excellence 4.warm bodies - warm bodies 5.exek - ahead of tho thoughts 6.goon sax - we're not talking 7.hank wood and the hammerheads - s/t 8.breeders - all nerve 9.tropical fuck storm - A Laughing Death in Meatspace 10.idles - joy as an act of resistance 11.pill – soft hell 12.here lies man - You Will Know Nothing 13.yves tumor – safe in the hands of love 14.anenon - tongue 15.john maus - addendum 16.wart biter – wart biter 17.terry - i'm terry 18.yossarians - Ambition will Eat itself 19.big joanie - sistahs 20.farai - rebirth

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