favorite 44 recordings of 2018 

the half year report

{from 01.12.2017 to 01.06.2018 / in chronological order}

prurient - rainbow mirror {bandcamp}
profligate - somewhere else {bandcamp}
the skull defekts - the skull defekts {bandcamp}
paper dollhouse - the sky looks different here {spotify}
death pedals - death pedals {bandcamp}
gnod - be aware of your limitations {bandcamp}
hobbyist - sonic cramps {bandcamp}
marriage and cancer - marriage and cancer {bandcamp}
the final age - the final age {bandcamp}
anenon - tongue {bandcamp}
exek - ahead of two thoughts {bandcamp}
futur.s mort.s - futur.s mort.s ii {bandcamp}
rose mercie - rose mercie {bandcamp}
breeders - all nerve {spotify}
the native cats - john sharp toro {bandcamp}
orchestra of constant distress - distress test {bandcamp}
the ex - 27 passports {bandcamp}
wart biter - wart biter {bandcamp}
bambara - shadow on everything {bandcamp}
hawthonn - red goddess (of this men shall know nothing) {bandcamp}
media jeweller - 1 800 succeed {bandcamp}
anthroprophh - omegaville {bandcamp}
church of goya - goya is a dead man {bandcamp}
territoire - alix {bandcamp}
bodies on everest - a national day of mourning {bandcamp}
iceage - beyondless {spotify}
grouper - grid of points {bandcamp}
gnod - chapel perilous {bandcamp}
the body - I have fought against it, but I can't any longer {bandcamp}
epylepsyovlov - ep y {bandcamp}
aemong - 1000 {bandcamp}
pill - the dull tools tape {bandcamp}
sarah devachi - late night come on bells end the day {spotify}
bonacons of doom - bonacons of doom {bandcamp}
tropical fuck storm - a laughing death in meatspace {bandcamp}
Ill - we are ill {bandcamp}
tt - lovelaws {spotify}
mothers dearest - mothers dearest {bandcamp}
jenny hval - the long sleep {bandcamp}
locean - object/disco? {bandcamp}
lithics - mating surfaces {bandcamp}
numb.er - goodbye {bandcamp}
bodega - endless scroll {bandcamp}
oneohtrix point never - age of {spotify}

have a nice summer!


top 20 of 2017 by tasos v.

honorable mention: burning hearts - battlefields
20.cherry glazerr - apocalipstick
19.cable ties - cable ties
18.school damage - school damage
17.here lies man - here lies man
16.john maus - screen memories
15.jabu - sleep heavy
14.king gizzard and the lizard wizard - flying microtonal banana
13.housewives - ff061116
12.colin stetson - all this i do for glory
11.no sister -  the second floor
10.piano magic - closure
09.mere women - big skies
08.robedoor - new age sewage
07.downtown boys - cost of living
06.gnod - just say no to the psycho right-wing capitalist fascist industrial death machine
05.protomartyr - relatives in descent
04.priests - nothing feels natural
03.thurston moore - rock n roll consciousness
02.girls pissing on girls pissing - songs of sodomy and the compost of aethyr
01.lingua ignota - all bitches die

my blogovision #2

gnod - just say no to the psycho right wing capitalist fascist industrial death machine


my blogovision #9

the yossarians - fabric of time